Ananda Roda

Musical producer, Lutenist, Guitar Player

Name: Ananda Roda

Prfile: Musician/Musical producer


Phone: +55 (13) 99211-5370


Ananda Roda de Miranda began her studies on the guitar Cuiabá in 2007. She studied at Projeto Guri in the cities of Santos and Araçatuba. She joined Conservatório Dramático e Musical Dr. Carlos de Campos, de Tatuí, studying classical guitar in 2010, graduating in 2016, and historical plucked strings in 2014, completed in 2018, becoming the first student in the institution's history to complete the course. She worked as a fellow student in Tatuí’s Conservatory Historical Performance Group in 2017. She participated in masterclasses with Turíbio Santos, Edson Lopes, Alexandre Ribeiro, William Carter, Regina Albanez, Guilherme de Camargo and others. She has participated in several music festivals, such as Tatuí Guitar and Historical Performance festivals in 2014, and the 35th and 36th Curitiba Music Workshop (Oficina de Música de Curitiba), in 2018 and 2019. First Brazilian to participate in MOVE Project, a music Exchange program, in partnership with Projeto Guri, JM Norway and Music Crossroads, in Norway and Malawi. Graduated in Musical Production at FATEC Tatuí.



Performs in solo recitals and as a continuist in chamber music groups and orchestras, playing the historical plucked strings instruments such as the lute, arch lute, baroque guitar and mandolino lombardo

Guitar player

Performs as chamber musician on classical guitar, as well as accompanying voice and several formations. She also teaches classical and popular guitar

Musical Producer

Mixing, mastering, audio and video editing, as well as studio experience in recording, with special skills in acoustic instruments and orchestras

English Teacher

Graduated at CCAA Language School in 2010. Worked as English teacher in CCAA Tatuí and Wizard Tatuí, teaching children and teenagers.